STICO Footwear Inc.

Exclusive distributor for Nanotech Stico in the Canadain market

STICO Footwear Inc. is the exclusive distributor for Nanotech Stico in the Canadian market.

Nanotech has released outsole brand “Nanotech Stico” with special non-slip materials developed and patented by Nanotech Ceramics.

Nanotech Stico specializes in the field of functional shoes. In addition, Nanotech Stico is selling ceramic compound materials and STICO products to popular shoe companies in the domestic and world-wide market.

Nanotech Stico is proudly positioning itself into the functional non-slip shoe industry. Accidents often caused by slip in the daily life can occasionally lead up to death as well as simple bruises and serious injuries.

Nanotech Stico footwear will protect our health and wealth from annual slip accidents in the work environments due to oily, wet and slippery detergents surfaces.

The Best Anti-Slip Performance In the Market

What our customers are saying

Extremely comfortable kitchen shoes that have proven to serve their purpose. Good bang for their buck! Not only are they comfortable and provide our team with safe working shoes, they provide the team with a tighter look.
Jonathan Chuy, Executive Chef, Trattoria Italian Kitchen
I have been wearing STICO for 9 months now and I and all kitchen staffs are 100% satisfied. It has extremely comfortable feature and slip resistant performance. No more paying $140 for a pair of Birkenstock! Half pricing but better quality! Cheers STICO!
Jin Lee, Chef & Owner, Hachi Hana Japanese Restaurant
We’ve been outfitting our students with the restaurant shoes and find them absolutely slip-resistant and the pop of colour gives them a fresh look. Excellent product and exceptional customer service.
Julian Bond, Executive Chef & Program Director, Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts
Since the first day I bought a pair of Stico, the staff wanted to steal them from me! Now everybody is happy to wear them, very safe, light and easy to maintain! For a very good value you have a fantastic product!!!
Jean-Claude Douguet, Head Chef, Gotham Steakhouse